The HHP Bocce League was formed in 2006. If you go into the Spring Lake Tennis Club, you’ll discover Bocce history on plaques listing seasonal champs and the past presidents who helped develop the league.

The present form of Bocce was developed in Italy. It is played on a court (75 – 100 feet long by 8 – 12 feet wide) with a level surface of sand or clay, enclosed with boarded ends and sides. Each player (team) in turn rolls 4 balls (weighing about 2 pounds) toward the smaller ball (called the pallino). The idea is to have your ball(s) the closest to the pallino after all 8 balls are rolled. Rebounds from the side walls, and knocking the opponent’s ball out of the way are permitted strategies. A player (team) receives a point for every ball closer to the pallino than the nearest opposing ball. Games proceed until one team has 15 points and games must be won by 2 points. At the conclusion of the game, the losing team sweeps the court and the winning team submits the score.

Matches are played on the Bocce courts which are located near the tennis courts.

Playing teams are arranged in divisions. Divisions are formed for each season. Playing teams are 2 or 3 members, but only 2 play a match.

HHP Bocce has two seasons (spring & fall) a year. Each season concludes with a tournament and banquet.

2019 Bocce Committee:

PresidentKim McGee
Vice PresidentDon Lorenz
TreasurerCindy Kosty
Communications & PublicitySandy Stern
Record KeeperMichael Schrader
Events CoordinatorDeb Sadlon
League CoordinatorMike & Mary Monaghan
Special Thanks to Carol & Steve Tunnicliffe, Deb Sadlon, and Sandy Stern for providing photography & video for the website.