HHP Bocce plays a spring and fall season each year. The spring season starts in March and concludes in May (before Memorial Day). The fall season starts in September and concludes in November (before Thanksgiving).

There are currently eight divisions. Divisions are based on time of play and not dependent on skill level. New divisions are added as needed.

League Rules and Guidelines are updated annually.

Each team can consist of three players but only two play in a match. Teams are encouraged (but not required) to have team shirts.

Each team member pays a $10.00 fee to the Bocce League. This fee can be paid at the organizational meeting or by mailing it to the Bocce Treasurer. Bocce court memberships are also required. Bocce court memberships are $57.00 per household for the year. This fee is paid directly to Spring Lake Tennis.

Substitutes can fill in when only one member of a team is available to play. If you’d like to be available to sub, please complete this form and we’ll add you to the sub list.