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September 2019
The Bocce League is off to a great fall season with games already underway in all eight divisions, with 21 new teams, with the addition of a new Saturday morning division (Sabato), and with plans for the first annual Fall Festival to be held on Oct. 12 at 11:30 am. All members are welcomed to participate in an afternoon of competition, fun, camaraderie, and picnic food!

A special thanks to The Buckeyes – Merv & Karen McCoy who hosted the Champions Clinic on August 24th and demonstrated best strategies to our newest members before the season games began.

Check out our website: for our new rules, schedule, roster, and event information.
God luck and have fun.
Bocce Rocks!

August 2019
The Bocce League’s Fall Organizational meeting on August 10th was well attended. New teams were formed, including those wanting to play in our new Saturday division.

Registration for the fall season is open until August 18th.

Official matches will begin on Wednesday, September 4th.

The season ending tournament will begin on Saturday, November 9th.

Interested in playing? Check out the ‘new team info’ page on our website (

Want to play but don’t have a teammate? Let us know and we’ll try to help. Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website and submit the ‘don’t have a teammate’ form.

Want to play but not sure if you can commit to a full season? Be a substitute. We’re always looking for good subs! Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website and submit the ‘interested in being a sub’ form.

Our Champions Clinic (hosted by spring champions, The Buckeyes – Merv & Karen McCoy) will be held Saturday, August 24th at 10:00 am. This is a good opportunity to hone your bocce skills, meet other players, and get some tips from the Champs.

Don’t forget to check us out online:

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

July 2019
Our Summer Women’s Bocce Games are well underway. We meet every Thursday evening from 5 – 6 pm. All HHP women are invited. We welcome newcomers. You do not have to be a Bocce League member to join in the fun. This is an opportunity to enjoy the game and learn new skills and strategies.

Please mark your calendars for the Fall Organizational Meeting: 10: 00 am on Saturday, August 10, at Spring lake Pavilion.

If you are interested in playing bocce and cannot play during the week, please note that beginning in September, we will add a Saturday morning division to our League. Additional information will be provided at our organizational meeting.

Checkout us out online at:
Enjoy the summer.

June 2019
Our Spring Bocce Tournament was held during the week of May 13th with the finals and championship games played on May 17th. Our League players have a lot to be proud of. Our Division winners were as follow:
Antonio division: Zampinos (7-1) – Corliss and Jim Zampino
Bruno division: Outcasts (6-2) – Al Cudahy and Joe Mastro
Carlo division: Dakota Kids (8-0) – Kathy and Mike Harris
Dominic division: Diamonds in the Rough (6-2) – Don Diamond & Rich Dugan
Eduardo division: Pacers (7-1) – Lynette and Greg Pacentine
Luigi division: Hogan’s Heroes (7-1) – Cindy and Greg Kosty
Vino division: Just the Two of Us (7-1) Lin Bernard and Dave Breault

The final match of the 2019 Spring Tournament was a nail biter. Multiple lead changes, great rolls, and lots of measuring. But in the end, reining champions, The Buckeyes (Merv & Karen McCoy) outlasted newcomers The Gummy Boys (Barry Bryant, Colin Hawkins, and Howard Feldman) by a final score of 16-14. It is the first time since 2015 that a team repeated as season champion. And, it was the first time in who knows how long that the final two teams in the tournament came from the same division (Luigi Rocks!). Congrats to all our winners!!!

A team t-shirt contest was held during the Bocce Banquet held on May 18th. The winning team was Southern Chicks (Sue Amundsen and Diane Ross).

Our Summer Women’s League will be held every Thursday evening from 5 – 6 pm. Play begins on June 6 and will continue through Sept. 5. Everyone is invited to join in these friendly games, encouraging camaraderie and sportsmanship. We can learn new strategies from one another during these non-competitive games. If you have never played bocce, here is your opportunity to do so. We welcome newcomers.

Want to use the bocce courts but not part of the Bocce League? Bocce courts can be rented for $6 an hour. Contact Spring Lake Tennis (843-681-3626) to reserve a court.
Checkout our website for new photos of our bocce activities:

Have a wonderful summer. Looking forward to seeing y’all on the courts.

May 2019
Our third annual Bocce Festa held on April 13 was a HUGE success! There was a great turnout. With 58 players from our seven divisions competing for first place on a beautiful afternoon, the day was filled with wonderful camaraderie, fantastic sportsmanship, some surprise scores, and of course, delicious food (especially the homemade desserts.)

Thanks to all who organized the event, volunteered to set up, keep score, select teams, and cook hot dogs.

Our winners were: Brad Tufts and Lin Barnard.
Second Place: Ben Reece and Mary Waterfall.
Third Place: Merv McCoy and Mary Ellen Phillips.

All gave the crowd something to cheer about with every roll of the ball.

Mark your calendars for our Spring Bocce Banquet to be held on Saturday, May 18 at the Plantation House. Hope to see you there.

Want to use the bocce courts but not part of the Bocce League? Bocce courts can be rented for $6.00 an hour. Contact Spring Lake Tennis (843-681-3626) to reserve a court.

Checkout our website for new photos of our bocce activities:

April 2019
Have I mentioned that BOCCE ROCKS?

Well, it certainly does, and this season there is a lot of evidence of it – from the bocce clinic held by our champions Merv and Karen, to our newest team members who are already playing like seasoned players, from our teams who are undefeated by mid-season, to our huge turnout for our annual Bocce Festa that was held on April 13. Thanks to all who helped plan the event and to those who participated.

Continue to checkout our new website for everything related to bocce:

Remember: When practicing, always register your play so court usage is accurately tracked.

And, in the words of our bocce president, Kim McGee, “Thank you for playing bocce and being part of our great league.”

March 2019
What a fabulous turnout at our Feb. 16 Bocce Spring Organizational Meeting! An amazing fourteen new teams signed up for this season’s league competition, joining our already 43 returning teams in our expanded 7 Divisions. Our club continues to grow and attract new players.

Thank you Merv and Karen McCoy for hosting the Champions Clinic on March 2 for all of our new members, explaining and demonstrating winning skills and strategies on the courts.

Our spring games began on March 11 with two new sets of regulation size bocce balls. Remember, all scores will now be submitted online at our new website:

Mark your calendars for our annual Bocce Festa, to be held on Saturday, April 13 at 12 noon. Come for the fun and camaraderie. Oh, and yes, for the hotdogs too!

Let’s make this the best bocce season yet!
Good Luck to all!

February 2019
Our spring Bocce Organizational meeting will be held on Saturday, February 16, 2019 (10:00 am — Spring Lake Pavilion). Please attend and register your team. Registration is open until Saturday, February 23rd. If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to play, contact Cindy Kosty at Play begins the week of March 11, 2019. All HHP residents are invited to join.
Mark your calendars for the Champions Clinic to be held on March 2, at 11:00 am. All bocce players are welcome. New players are encouraged to attend to learn the rules, basic skills, and winning strategies from last season’s champions, Merv & Karen McCoy (The Buckeyes).
Our women’s winter games have been fun. If interested in playing, simply show up at the courts on Thursday afternoons at 4:00 pm.
We are so excited to be launching of our new website: Come to the February 16th meeting to learn more.
Looking forward to a wonderful and competitive spring season.

January 2019
The winter is our Bocce Club’s off-season and during this time, women Bocce players get together to play unofficial games every Thursday afternoon at 4:00 PM. From January 3 through March 7, those interested in playing only need to show up and join in a friendly game. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn Bocce rules and strategies and be prepared for competitive play in the spring season.
Dates to remember:
February 16, 2019 (10:00 am- Spring Lake Pavilion) – Spring Organizational Meeting
the week of March 11, 2018 – Spring Bocce Season Begins

December 2018
The bi-annual Bocce Banquet held on Saturday, November 17, was well attended and a huge success. The potluck meals prepared by our members were great, and the camaraderie among our players simply was fantastic! All play-offs, finals, and championship games managed to be played in time despite the harsh weather conditions during the week.

The evening included the announcement of the Runner-Ups Teams and the Division Champs:
Antonio Division:
Runner – ups: Zampinos (Jim & Corliss Zampino) Division champs: Matza Balls (John Gantzhorn, Fred Meli & Stu Taylor)

Bruno Division:
Runner-ups: Headlanders (Steve and Carol Tunnicliffe) Division champs: Rollin Canolis (Scot Jenkins, Rick Sarcione, & Jim Skarkus)

Carlo Division:
Runner-ups: Two Tufts (Brad Tufts & Lori Yoss) Division champs: Dakota Kids (Mike and Kathy Harris)

Dominic Division:
Runner-ups: Special Delivery (Nadine Korosi & Darlene Yatea) Division champs: Girl Power (Beth Marttila and Kathy Strohmaier)

Luigi Division:
Runner-ups: Tree Swallows (Chris & Rick Benson and Jan Coogan) Division champs: Hogan’s Heroes (Greg and Cindy Kosty)

Vino Division:
Runner-ups: Savage Duo (Wayne and Joan Savage) Division champs: Rolling Waterfalls (Gene and Mary Waterfall)

Congratulations to this season’s Champions: the BUCKEYES (Merv and Karen McCoy) who beat the Rollin Canolis in a 15 to 7 match. They were awarded medals.

The best team shirt award was given to team TWO FISH (Jim and Marge Fisher.)

A big shout out and thank you went to Club President, David Breault, who for the past three years provided exceptional leadership. He ‘handed the gavel’ over to Kim McGee. We wish Kim the very best as she takes over the role as new Club President.

Dates to mark your calendars: Feb 16, 2019 – Spring Organizational Meeting and March 11, 2019 – Spring Bocce Season begins. During the winter months, the women’s off-season bocce games will be held every Thursday afternoon at 4:00 PM from Jan. 3 – March 7. Anyone interested in playing, can show up and join with fellow bocce players in a friendly game.